Monday, July 18, 2011

Why I Treat Every Order Like It's A Gift

I have to admit that everytime I turn on my computer and see those glorious words "Etsy Transaction" I get very giddy inside. (And outside, I always yell to the hubs, or call my bff!) As a tiny business owner there is something so special about knowing that someone, someone who doesn't even know me, likes what I am doing. Likes it enough to invest their hard earned money in order to have it in their hands. And that speaks VOLUMES to me. I acknowledge every day how much God has blessed me both personally and in my business. I acknowledge every day this gift He's given me, to be able to provide for my family, doing what I LOVE, while still being home to be present with my girls. And I don't ever want to take that for granted.

So this is why I treat every order as if it's a gift. I want my buyer to get their package in their hands, with a sense that they are about to open something special. Even if someone comes to my studio to buy a bag, I always wrap it and box it with my signature style. Yes, they know what's in the box, but I just know that I'd be excited to peel back the layers when I got home, revealing the splurge that I've been waiting for.

When I mail out online orders, I always handwrite the envelope. You know that feeling when you go to the mailbox and see a handwritten card? I love that!
I got this picture sent to me on facebook from an awesome customer that said:
 "Hey everybody...look what I got in the mail today"!
I loved knowing her reaction, it was a gift in and of itself :)

I want my buyers to know that I took the time to personally wrap and deliver their new "gift". I also use the same tissue paper/sticker combo that I use on my "in person" pickups, to keep my packaging consistant. I feel like that little pop of color and personality gives the person a little preview of what they are about to unwrap! And with every mail order goes a handwritten thank you card. How can I let people know that I appreciate their business if I don't take the time to tell them? So I do :)

I really feel like the little details can go along way towards showing my gratitude. And I am more than grateful to wake up each new day and getting to see my little venture unfold. Who knows? Maybe I'll see a new "Etsy Transaction". Fingers crossed... :)

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