Saturday, July 23, 2011

This is what kids do when Mom's not looking!

I was cleaning off my camera this afternoon to make room for pics of my 12 new purses :) (FINALLY!)
Apparantly while I was cleaning my house today, Audrey, my 6 year old decided to take my camera and make a couple dozen tutorials. I picked one to share... I just love her little feet that show up every once in a while! And I should mention that I also found a bottle of nail polish in my studio. She painted her own nails just for her video. (my Mom pride is just spilling over right now!)

If you 've ever wondered the ins and outs of making Melting Bead crafts, this Tute is for you, compliments of Audrey.


  1. Funny! Boys do this too. We have a bunch of tutorials about solving rubiks cubes.

  2. Laura, you'll have to share them! That is too funny!! I noticed you have been absent from your blog since April...any updates!?!?!

  3. Oh that's so adorable! She's ready for her own blog!


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