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Not Just a Housewife

I have been a follower of Stacy for quite some time. Her to-do list is amazing! Everything she creates is beautiful and I an't ever wait to see whats next. She had nice things to say about her Gathered & Sown purse. Please go to her blog to check it out!

Love of Family and Home

I stumbled on this beautiful blog while "blog Hopping" one day. i was brought to tears by a beautiful post on the blog, and sent Tonya  a comment letting her know how much I appreciate her transparency. I showed her my post and she asked if she could feature it on her "31 days of realizing His love for you" series. I was flattered, and happily obliged :)
Keepin' It Thrifty

I was 

I was randomly checking stats on my blog, like a good blogger 
should do, and I saw a sudden spike in my numbers. For a 
moment, I got a big head, thinking "hey, I must have said 
something interesting!" But, actually, this awesome woman 
featured one of my posts about organizing my workspace on 
HER blog! I am so flattered that she chose to feature me, as 
well as some other features on organizing. Check it out, 
I'm sure you'll find some great tips!

Mama Days

I was contacted by Emily after she saw my shop on Etsy. I checked out her blog 
and was instantly WOWed by the amount of giveaways she has to offer!
 She has her finger on the pulse of all things handmade and loves to 
support small, handmade shops, like yours truely  :) Check out her
 blog to be a part of all of the action, and while you are there, check out 
some of the awesome shops she endorses!

Blessed Momma Musings

Megan was the winner of the Summer Wristlet Giveaway on Newlyweds on a Budget.
 I thought, "Well that is nice. Somebody won my wristlet", and went on with my life. But
 hold on!  Fast forward to a couple days after she recieved it. I recieve the sweetest email
 from her, thanking me for her new bag! Then, today (a few weeks later,  after thinking 
that she had LOOOONG forgotten about me!)  I get another email from her telling me
 that she blogged about her new wristlet and Gathered & Sown. Awwww, I feel the love! 

I am now afollower now of Megans blog, if  only to see the pictures of her gorgeous 
children :) But really, she has a steadfast faith in God and isn't afraid to write about it.
 I appreciate her "real" views on life and Mothering, always from a Godly perspective. 
And her tastes are so similar to mine, I love to see her inspirations. Go ahead, 
check her out, and while you are there, click on this post and gush about 
her beautiful Gathered & Sown wristlet!

Newlyweds on a Budget

I was contacted by Kari after she found me on Etsy. When she asked me if I would MIND 
being featured on her blog, I told her it was a no-brainer! Of course! Then I looked at their 
blog and became hooked. I love how she features different craft how-to's every Tuesday. 
She has such creative makes me want to tackle even more projects than I am 
already on! And she's been so much fun talking to over the last few weeks, I couldn't wait 
to repay the favor and put her name on my "official" press page :)

I recently told Kari that she has become my inspriation to make blogging on Mondays a 
MUST. I have to have something to put in her linky party :)

Launch Her

When I got an email from Launch Her telling me that they wanted to feature Gathered & Sown on their site, I was thrilled! 
The sole purpose of their site is to promote and support Women Owned brands. How perfect for me. :) 
Since finding them, I enjoy checking out the freshly launched brands they show every week, 
and seeing what other women like me are doing out there. If you know a woman with 
a small business, send her to Launch Her!



God Made, Home Grow

Tiana blogs about everything from diapering to being the wife God wants you to be, 

and everything in between! I love the way she allows 

her reader to learn through her experiences. 

One of my favorites is her post on "the thief"  

It really spoke VOLUMES to me! I actually 

look back at this post as I reorganize my work schedule from week to week. 

It keeps me on track.