Monday, July 30, 2012

My New, Industrial Sewing Machine!

So last week, without the slightest intention of buying anything, I walked into my favorite local sewing machine shop to get some advice from the resident sewing machine genius Darryl. He was able to answer all my questions, helping me come up with creative solutions to my sewing machines inability to sew through my 45 layers (ok, 8, but it looks like 45 when I'm trying to jam a needle through it!)  of leather.

As I'm getting ready to leave, I say, as a joke, "maybe I just need one of those big honkin' industrial sewing machines!"

Darryl's response "Really? Because I just so happen to have one here, and it's super clean, runs perfectly and is for sale!"

He took me to the VEEEEEERY back corner of the shop, and lo and behold...this beauty!
I instantly fell in love! I was imagining the ease of which this machine (with a switch like my dad's table saw) could burn through my leather bags!

I went home, and without any hesitation from my husband, decided to buy it. Not only did he not hesitate, he and my Dad both encouraged me to get it! I might have nerded out with glee at that point! The price was right, the need was there, (and I had already cleared a space for it in my room,hehe!)

 I went back to the shop this morning, and Darryl went step by step with me, over and over til I got it. Threading the machine, winding the bobbin, putting it in. He was so patient!!

I'm a visual learner, so I took some pics as he told me what to do. See, I'm somewhat smart now and then :)

Seriously, I took a shower before I left, I swear! That look on his face.... Either I stink, or he's bored to tears with me! I might actually being talking to myself here. Don't judge :)

Darrel is such a fount of knowledge. I wonder if that is a blessing to him, or a burden?  Likely after spending an hour with me, he finds it a burden! Lol!
But seriously, I love that I can call him anytime, and he knows EXACTLY how to tell me what I'm doing wrong. GREAT service!
 I'm just counting the hours, until 3:00 when my Dad and the hubster go to pick it up. I'll follow up with pics when I have some!

Does anyone else have a toy that they totally geek out about? Please tell me, I'd love to hear!