Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Crawling my way out from under 12 purses

So it is summer, I have two kids home all the time and I still have to work to earn money. So what does this all mean? I decide to make 12 purses, which on a normal day is easy-peasy. But when all of my attention can't be focused on my work, I have found that these summer days are not very productive! So I am crawling along at a snails pace, anxious to see these finished! Basically, I'm writing this to show MYSELF that I have, in fact, made some progress :)
To keep order and to help me track what goes where, I cut out all the "parts" I need for the outside of these purses. Then I had to label them, so I would know what goes where. Thank goodness for sticky notes :)

Yes, I had to make a chart. I never makes charts, because that is too orderly for a scatterbrain such as me! But it was the only way I would know which fabric pieces I already cut, which fabrics I had to find,match and cut, and finally how to put them all back together again. I will repeat, thank goodness for sticky notes!

Ok, so to the general blog reader, it might look like I didn't get very far, that I only moved piles around a little, but REALLY I got a lot sewn and ironed! You can't see it but I finger ruffled 12 outside pockets yesterday. I was really proud of myself.

Next time I post about these purses, hopefully they will somewhat resemble something you might like to carry!
 Wish me luck.
Hold on.... the kids are calling me. Ugh.

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