Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Custom Diaper Bag

When someone goes out of their way for me, I love to go out of my way for them
Recently a friend of mine who lives in a land far, far away came to visit family in town. While she was here, she came to order YET ANOTHER Gathered & Sown bag. (I love repeat customers!!)

She noticed my leather and requested a custom leather bag..... and this is what we came up with!
She was looking for a new diaper bag. She came armed with specific dimensions and requested a metal zipper. Done and done :) She also needed easy pockets to reach her cell phone on the outside, so I added two super deep pockets on the front. Leather edged, of course, wink!

Another example of the goodness of the people I'm surrounded by??? See the zipper pull? My best friends Dad MADE those for me! He laser engraved leather scraps which I now use as zipper pulls on all my bags. A nice gift certificate for his favorite bakery is waiting delivery in my car right now :)

The back of the bag is solid leather, with an accent stripe through the middle. I used contrasting red thread to keep it a little sassy and unforgettable....

I rolled the handles. Verena proved to be worth her weight in gold on this step! Wondering who Verena is?? ??

I love how the metal zippers glide on the leather... thanks Zipit!

I used a couple more laser engraved pieces inside the bag. I don't want her to forget who made it, after all :) I kept the edges of this one raw, for a different look.

I also trimmed the inside pieces with leather. I like to add this detail to my leather collection.  

She's flying back to Texas with her new addition as I write this... and I'm enjoying the bounty of beautiful leather she brought me :D

Any ideas on what I should do next in leather??? What do you think of the collection so far????