Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wanna a free wristlet for summer????

I recently started getting to know Kari of "Newlyweds on a Budget" and just adore her! She gushed about my yellow pleated bag, so I decided to thank her for her positive sentiments by sending her a wristlet that matches the bag. I knew she'd love it, but what fun is it if she can't share the joy? So I sent her an extra one to give away to one of her lucky readers.

For details on how to enter to win this fun, summery wristlet, please stop by her blog. And while you are there, check out some of her posts. If you are like me and like to dream about creating things, but don't know how, every Tuesday she posts links to super cute and easy tutorials for DIY projects. I love the weekly inspiration!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Easiest Placemat Tutorial EVER!

So I've noticed that my table is always getting scratched from the various "stuff" that makes its home on it. So the solution I came up with was to go downstairs and make a quick placemat.

What you will need:
-piece of fabric
-scissors or (better yet), rotary cutter and mat
- sewing machine on a tight zigzag stitch (or far easier!) a Serger

First determine the size that you would like your placemat(s). Cut each piece to the size, adding about a 1/4 inch to each side for finishing.

On your sewing machine, sew along all of the edges with a tight, wide zigzag stitch, backstitching at the corners.

Then, trim super, duper close to your stich on the outside, so your stich is on the edge of the placemat

Or if you are lucky like me, simply run it through your serger to get it all done in one, quick step :) 

Voila, you are done! So easy, you could be super ambitious and make yourself some fancy, matching napkins :)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Inside my Newly Finished Studio

Last week, I promised a tour of my room, now that it is actually a real ROOM! I no longer feel like a hermit, slaving away in my dungeon. I am now working out of a bright, clean, open space, that feels more like an actual part of the house, not a storage area.
I have to thank my husband Ryan, my Dad Brent and my friend Mel, for the countless hours they spent doing this for me. They had absolutely nothing to gain, they just did it because they wanted to. And I am GRATEFUL! As a matter of fact, Ryan was down here more than anyone, and I heard him mutter the words "I'm never going to get out of this room!" on more than one occasion :) Thanks,dear!
Now it is all done, and I still catch Ryan and my Dad coming down here to sneak peeks at their hard work. And that's ok with me, it gives me a little company :)

Baseboards in, walls painted and floor painted
Mel and My Dad using a little bit of teamwork!

Spencer the wonderdog, helping Ryan cut tile. It looks like Spencer is laughing at him!

This is what I had to look at before the room was finished. Wires and Pipes and Ducts, oh my!

Our friend, Mel, who does all of our electrical work. Regardless of how he looks here, he actually did a lot of work!
Almost there!

My newly finished sewing machine and ironing area!

This is my cutting table. It sure looks clean in this picture :)

My computer desk, with the print that my friends Amy and Cara made for me. I feel the love.

Soon I am going to be posting some tips I have for organizing your work area, while keeping it cute.. stay tuned.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A few things I feel the urge to buy...

                              [Pumpkin Cheesecake Room Spray...can you say YUM?"]
I have realized that a casualty of my job is that I am always finding things that other people make that I feel like I NEED! Here are a few of the things that I've come across... I linked them to their etsy pages, in case you are tempted too :) Enjoy!

To have a cozy for something that makes me feel, well, cozy, is a must."]
Now I can have tea parties :)"][

If I had an apron that made me look this cute and happy, I'd bake every day!
If my clothes smelled like pears, I'd be a happy girl"

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Eeek! Summer....

So our weather says fall, (at best) but the fact that my kids are home says summer. I say...bummer. For now at least. I decided a year or two ago that it takes 3 weeks, no more, no less to adjust to the new schedule. So I have accepted that work will not go as planned, the kids will fight, and I will hear the dreaded two words, over and over again. "I'M BORED" or the backup phrase when they learn that being bored is not an option..."I'M HUNGRY". Words we as adults have learned, unfortunately can be interchangeable :) (Just ask my 8:30 pm sugar cravings!)

So I am almost one week into the three week window. I can do it....I can do it! Hold on, what do I hear? I think it's peace and harmony! Oh, wait, they are just watching tv. Bummer.