I am a Mom. A wife, a friend, sister, daughter, and child of the King and a dreamer. I am following my dreams in ways I never thought I could.

I love spending time with my 2 young daughters, and my husband, who has followed my dream chasing since we got married on Sep 30, 2000. Oh, and we love our dog, our designer mutt, Spencer!

I was born, raised and am now raising my children in Sheboygan,WI. Which, I will add, is the brat capitol of the world! I love it here, and love that almost everyone I love lives within 20 minutes of my home. I can look at the beautiful Lake Michigan any time I want to :)

Besides sewing, my hobbies are playing piano, (which I've done since before I could read) drinking good coffee (which is better with a good friend!) finding and supporting other little indie businesses much like myself, and leading, attending and growing with my bible study lady friends. I also enjoy helping out at my daughters' school, so I can steal kisses here and there before they are too old appreciate such things! UPDATE: They are now that age. No more kisses, but I still show up ;)

My shop, Gathered & Sown {hand-crafted bags & things} is my full time job. In addition to designing, creating and sending my bags around the world, I teach others how to sell their own creations online. My days and heart are full of handmade lovliness!


  1. Thanks for linking up to Scatter Girls. I love how you called your dog a designer mutt :)

  2. My best friend's grandma lived in Sheboygan and Sarah would always rave about it! It was her favorite place to visit growing up!

  3. I always call our dog a designer mutt! He's a goldendoodle :)


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