Thursday, May 31, 2012

Been Quiet..but with good reason ;)

So I've been busy. And by busy, I don't just mean no time for coffee dates with my girlfriends. By busy, I mean, I'm down in my studio at least 6 hours! Oh, except's family day ;)
It may look like a mess to you...but it's piles of progress to me :D

It's always a good sign when the piles move enough for me to see a surface!
Starting to look like an end product. But this is only one third of them...*sigh

I've been praying that God would allow me to use my purse business to help support my family. And when God's will lines up with yours....POW!
about 1/8th of the orders I am filling right now!

I pray every night before I fall asleep, reflecting on all He has done for me. I have to pause, take a minute from the craziness of filling orders and realize that God has blessed me RICHLY with the ability to do what I love, and help pay for my two daughters tuition at their AWESOME christian school!

I know I wouldn't be able to keep this pace up if it weren't for the grace of God, so when it gets crazy, I look up and am reminded of how I got here in the first place, and how wonderful it is to be here.

My hardworking. lovely serger and sewing machine <3

Next post (when I can spare a minute!) I'll show you some finished products. It feels so good to utter those words...finished products!

Thanks for checking in!


  1. WOW! Girl you have been busy!
    Doesn't it feel awesome to mail your hard work out all over the country and know it's going to people who appreciate it?
    Keep it up!

    1. Yes, that's exactly how I feel!! Thanks so much <3
      PS- we're still loving our new Evie 'n' Lizzie Shirts!

  2. Loved this post... loved your words and gratitude to God. There are times when I too get so busy I am physically and mentally exhausted and when I get a moment to reflect I humbly give thanks to God, for I too asked Him for this blessing to be able to provide for my family while at the same time doing something He purposefully created me to do, using that creative side of my brain that He gave me. I feel blessed... even when I am stressed.

    Oh and I can't wait to get a ruffle bag from you. I missed the first sale.

    Shay Designs Jewelry

    1. I'm sorry you missed it! I'm hoping to make a few for my etsy shop, along with all the other new design ideas that are itching to come out :) I appreciate your empathy! It's so fun to realize that this kind of blessing seems to be the norm these days :D


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