Saturday, May 12, 2012

HUGE sale on Gathered & Sown Items

In case you haven't heard, I am taking part in a boutique sale this weekend!
It's been a grueling two weeks preparing, but it has really paid off.

I've heard it's really hard to get in with BelleChic, so I wanted to make sure I did everything right :) It all happened so fast, I only had about 2 weeks to prepare. And when I saw they had over 48,000 followers on Facebook, I was excited for the opportunity!

In my 4 or so years of handbag making, I have never EVER attempted to finish a quantity a high as this:
60 wristlets
60 Crayon bags
50 Ruffle Bags
...and all the orders from etsy that keep on rolling in :)

 It's been a little chaotic....

My husband laughs...he thinks my studio is a MESS, but to me, it's organized chaos :)
Lots and lots and lots of straps. But aren't the colors so pretty?!?!
Each step required oodles of time, making such a high quantity, but I'm proud to say I didn't skimp at all. I couldn't bear to sacrifice quality in the details for the sake of getting done faster!

It's hard to sell online without great photos, so I called in the reinforcements: My friends Tim, Krissy and their curly haired beauty Eleanor. Krissy took the pictures, and poor Tim was in charge of handling the bags and chasing their two year old. Unfortunately for him, his wife has a sense of humor and took a  few behind the scenes pictures ;) And Eleanor was in love with all the dandelions everywhere, so Krissy got a shot between purses changes of me receiving one of her pretty little "flowers" Too cute!

They have a great camera, and eye for pictures and the ability to take pictures that I can't do by myself. Thanks guys, you made my day!  And you know we were on a time crunch, since I was in all the pictures. There is one thing you should know about me. I avoid the camera lens at all costs. But I trust Krissy :D

So if you get a minute, hop on over to BelleChic, my sale is live until Monday. This is the lowest you will EVER see my prices get. I worked out an agreement with them because of the amount of followers they have, and the amount of my products they feature.  I also want to  encourage you to follow them. I've been following them for a while and the shops and sales they feature are beautiful! I'm anxiously awaiting the beautiful smelling lotions I ordered this week...I know if they are featuring it, it must be a good shop, wink!

 Have a great day!
:) Angie


  1. I am anxiously waiting to hear if you are adding more blue or grey to your VeryJane deal today! Thanks :)

  2. I am trying to get some more fabric, so I'll be in touch with Very Jane later today :) Thanks so much!!!


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