Friday, April 27, 2012

My Ruffley Table Runner- Made with my Rolled Hem Foot:)

Here is the tutorial I promised many moons ago :)
I'm home with a sick kid, so I figured today is the perfect day to take a few minutes and show you all what I did.
First, measure the table you want to put your runner on.  Do you want it to hang over? If so, add that to your measurements. Then add 2 inches to each side. You will need TWO INCHES ON EACH SIDE :)
When you have your size, cut two pieces of fabric of your choice, one for the front, one for the back of your runner. I used grey on the back of my runner, so I cut one of my rectangles in grey, one in yellow stripe for the top. 

Then cut  the top piece in half, right down the middle. Set the other piece aside, for just a minute.

Pick your ruffle color,  which will be 4 inches wide. For length, measure the side of your runner, top to bottom and multiply by 2. I like to add a few extra inches to make it extra ruffley. CUT THREE OF THESE, BUT SET ASIDE TWO FOR LATER.

Set your sewing machine to a basting stitch, or the longest stitch you have. Sew along the edge of ONE OF YOUR ruffle pieces.  Take it out and pull the bottom thread to make your piece ruffley. Repeat down the other side of the ruffle. *important: don't forget to reset your don't want to baste the entire runner will fall apart on you :)
Once you have a ruffle, put the right side side of your ruffle along the right side of one of your runner front rectangles. I pinned it in place to make sure the ruffles stayed when I sewed. This also keeps your pieces from slipping around while you sew.
Repeat on the other side of the ruffle, and the other rectangle, until you have one rectangle that looks like this. (below) Don't worry about whether or not the ruffle is even on both sides. Having it gather different on both sides gives it a nice look. Then iron your ruffle down , aligning the whole thing back into a nice rectangle. It should resemble a runner right now...

Now is when I attached my ruffle foot to my machine. We will be making the ruffles that run down the two ends of the runner.  I love ruffles!

Finish one side of your ruffle with the rolled hem foot.
Then repeat on the other ruffle. This pic shows one ruffle done, laying next to the one I'm working on, so you can see what the finished edge looks like.

Next I ironed a think piece of interfacing to the bottom piece of my runner. I just wanted a little bit of substance to the runner, so you can skip this step if you don't have any interfacing. (my backside is grey, just to clarify)
Next, I sewed my ruffles to the top piece. I only did this, because I wasn't planning on putting on a backing. If you choose not to put on a back, you will be done at this step.  If you want a backside on your runner, then just pin the ruffle in place. Remember, the right side  of the ruffle will be on the right side of the fabric, lining up the raw edges. I tried to show it in the picture below by folding back the runner after I sewed it. {sorry, I'm horrible at explaining things}
*if you are not adding a backing to your runner, this will be your last step. 
Topstitch along the ruffles, as shown below. This adds a finished look and helps strengthen the runner.
 If you ARE adding a backing,  don't topstitch yet...keep reading ;)

To add your backing

Sandwich your layers together, right sides facing each other. Make sure that you tuck your ruffle in between the layers, or you will have a ruffle INSIDE your runner when you turn it out. I know...I did this! DUH!!!
Pin all around the edges, leaving about 4 inches on one side to turn. I trimmed along the outside before I sewed, so it would be easier to sew a straight line. My grey rectangle was now a totally different size, so a smart person would make the back piece at this point. But I felt like the uncut piece gives you a better idea of the size you intended for the runner to be, so you can use that as your guide.
Turn out, and look at your runner! It should look pretty by now :) But we're not quite there yet...

Next, iron everything really good, so your edges are crisp and even, and that your hole from turning is tucked in and invisible. Pin everything in are almost done! Topstitch along all 4 sides of the runner.
Topstitch along both sides of the middle ruffle for a nice, finished look.
This is the back, after I top stitched. Nice, isn't it???
Voila! Instant pretty on my table. Well, maybe not instant, but mine was done in less than an hour ;)

If you complete this, I'd LOVE to see your pics! Feel free to post a link here, or post a pic on my FB page 

And please, if my instructions are unclear, let me know so I can fix them ;)

Have a great day!

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