Monday, April 23, 2012

*New* Sale Section on my Website!

If you visit, you will find my newest quick sale section! This is where I will be listing items that are samples, one of a kinds, or styles/fabrics that I am phasing out. 

The best news??? 

The micro shop will be ever changing.

 Everytime one thing sells, I will add another. There will always be 5 items in that shop!

Each item in the Quick Sale section will be marked down,

 so not only do you get a really fun bag, but you get it for less than anyone else will! 
Image of Blue/White Pleated Cross Body Convertible Bag
Every once in a while, (because I love my customers SO MUCH!) as a bonus thank you, I will be adding a current, straight from my etsy shop item! This will be random and unannounced, so you'll have to check the Quick Sale shop often ;)

Questions? Let me know. If not, have fun, and I'd LOVE it if you told your friends,wink!


1 comment:

  1. This is awesome!!

    I just got my bible cover, & I'm in LOVE! I talked about it here, if you want to check it out! = )


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