Saturday, January 7, 2012

New Year, time for a makeover...

Ok, we are settled again. The hubs is back at work, the girls are back at school and I am back in my studio. I am completely caught up on orders (I think it was this time last year that I was able to say that!) and I am able to relax!

But of course, I wouldn't be me without getting that ridiculous itch that something needs to change. Nothing life altering, nothing that involves anyone else. My target? My blank slate of a blah dining room!
My dining romm is small, and it is the darkest room in my otherwise sunshine drenched house. 

The walls are grey, the trim is white and the table is Oak.

Dark, heavy red oak.

Mission style dark, heavy red oak, in a house that has NOTHING mission style in it. But alas the table is solid, well built and cost us a small fortune when we bought it 11 years ago, so it will stay.

We have this awesome 6x6 foot window that opens to our front porch and I love looking out of it. But look how stark it is!

In an inspired mood, I made the hubs take the china cabinet off the top of the buffet. So it is now a piece of furniture I can use. We love to have friends over to play games, and we always end up in the dining room, but there was no where convenient to place our snacks. You can't play games without snacks! So now I have a buffet, perfect snack place. 

Also note the light fixture that is really high in the picture. When they built the house, they placed it off center in the room, so we moved it by the chain which was cut for the place it was, so for the last 4 years our light has hung funny. We'll get that fixed eventually. In the meantime, don't look up if you are in my dining room, ok?

That fixture had some awful mission style lamp shades on it which didn't bother me until last week. Then all of a sudden I couldn't STAND them! So the hubs ran out, bought plain white shades and removed said, ugly mission style shades. 

{disclaimer: I have nothing against mission style, I actually quite like it, but my house is clearly not built mission style, so it doesn't fit, capishe ?}

Here is my plan so far...curtains. For sure.
I'd love to see the carpet fly out the window, but it's not in the budget, so my hardwood dreams will wait. 

I think this Emily Burger print would look great in here, with a family pic somewhere...

..or this one....
I can't decide!

I am also thinking of copy catting curtains similar to these.... love that ruffle!

Pinned Image

This runner makes me want to squeal it is so cute!
{I can make that!! }

What else can I do? I'm looking for great ideas! What do you all think? My dining room is the worlds canvas....


  1. Okay these are just a few suggestions but here's my two cents. I would deffinatly get curtains and I love the ones you picked out. Make sure when you hang the curtains you hang them right up again the ceiling on that wall-as close to the ceiling as possible. It'll make that window look even bigger. Also, make sure you get curtains that are long enough to touch the floor-you don't want flood curtains :)

    Then I would do a fun gallery wall over your buffet table. You could do a whole wall of printable's like you have or you can add printable's and pictures all over-whatever you like. If you had the money I would recommend you paint-some light since it's a darker room.

    Good luck with everything-can't wait to see how it all turns out!

    Newlyweds on a Budget

  2. Great ideas! I agree witht he long curtains...I'm thinking extra long twin bedsheets in white, with a ruffle embellishment, of course :) The grey isn't quite as dark as it shows in the pics, but I'm with you, I'd LOVE to see it in a really light color. I'll see what the painter of the family!

  3. Love the table runner!!!


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