Thursday, December 26, 2013

Sneak peek inside my new studio

I've been promising a peek into my sunny. new studio since we moved into this house last June. it is! 
Where I spend 90% of my time, at my favorite sewing machine, Verena <3 br="">We bought an old house, so I'm loving all of the built-ins and charming details, like the beautiful ceiling. A great backdrop for my purses...

On top of my ugly, yet super functional HUMONGOUS filing cabinet, I store all of my hardware in little jars. Right within an arms reach of my work table. I like to scour our local Habitat Restore to find old, wooden crates to store larger things in, like my shipping supplies. They are so much cuter in this crate :) And those hydrangeas? I picked them this fall from my front yard. And they are in a fabulously ugly, green vase that I took from my Grandmas house. I love it!

Another crate holds my ready to ship, leather clutches

I'm using these built in shelves to display the bags I have on hand. Something I never had, but wonder how I lived without! It's great when my locals want to drop in to see what I have.

My little, tiny computer desk, with the chair my friend Amy made for me in my old studio. The filing cabinet holds all of my orders with magnets, Inside the drawers, I store all of my purse parts. It's not cottage chic, but I can't live without it, so I try to make it work... 


  1. What a fabulous workspace Angie! I can see you creating all your beautiful bags here :) xoxo

    1. Thanks for stopping by Natashja <3 You are the best!

  2. Gorgeous studio! Love the crates, and the jars! Very inspiring space.

    1. Hello to my gorgeous friend, down unda! Thanks so much...confession...I already moved things around on my work table, so I'll have to post new pics,lol!


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