Wednesday, March 31, 2010

If your studio is clean, you're not really working!

So everyone who walks into my home comments on how clean it always is. But then they walk into my studio. It's not clean. There are pins on the floor, scraps and thread everywhere. I used to beat myself up about this, but then I decided, it is impossible to make a quality product without making a huge mess! Trying to cut something without a pile of fabric sitting next to me would be nice, but is just seems that it is not natural to break the creative process and "tidy up". Afterall, those very piles of fabric may very well inspire me, so I now justify that it would be IMPRACTICAL to clean up! So I've learned to embrace the mess, and see it as progress. It also pays to mention, that cleaning up at the end of a long run of projects is very satisfying!

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