Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Two new bible cover colors!

Last week I introduced two new colors to my bible cover lineup....

Turquoise Circle with Red Dot Ruffle

 Brown Dot with Yellow Stripe Ruffle

I've got a few more exciting new colors and STYLES up my sleeve...so keep watching.

Not a ruffle person??? Keep watching ;) Tease. That's all I'm telling you!

Not much of a print person???? Keep watching.

Not a polka dot person??? Keep watchi...well you get it!

What else can I tell you... nothing, I'm a tease!

If you are interested in ordering a custom, sized to fit bible cover of your own, you can check out all of my current line in my etsy shop. Thanks for shopping!

Oh, and as a reward, if you read this all the way to the bottom, here is a little bible cover coupon code..only for use on bible covers, and only until this weekend! biblefreeship   that spells...free shipping!

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