Friday, October 14, 2011

Indian Summer at Newlyweds on a Budget

Today I guest posted for my friend Kari as she was out enjoying a vacation with her new hubby, Morgan. The day I wrote the post, we were enjoying a WONDERFUL indian summer day, so I took some fab pictures and wrote about what I felt as I took in all the fall colors.

While you are there, you have to check out Kari's blog. She has such great home decor ideas, and since she is young and crafty, the projects are fun, doable and, of course, "thrifty"!

One of my all time favorite Kari posts is her Epic Fail post! I laughed so hard, and only wished I would have named my entire blog EPIC FAIL! It's soooo Angie!

And to risk making Kari out to be a total loser (which she absolutely is NOT,hehe!) I loved and laughed so hard at this other "epic fail" that she shared. Unfortunately, the only reason I can even laugh is because that's how MOST of my cakes turn out :/

So read, laugh and enjoy your weekend!

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