Tuesday, August 30, 2011

New in my shop :) (and some soon to come!!)

I may have been kind of quiet lately in blog land, but I have been busy! Here are some of my latest additions to my Ruffle Purse family :D
In this batch of bags, I'm letting the fabric make a quiet statement. No loud patterns, just subtle, beautiful colors, accented by flirty, fun ruffles. If you see an orange one in Sheboygan, that's me! 
I made one for myself :)

This avocado green is my FAVORITE color for fall!


  1. Oh I just love them all! So cute!!

  2. Hi new friend! I am so happy you found my blog so that I could find you!!!

    I just love ruffles and your new bags are so fun! They are perfect for summer/fall transition!

  3. Thank you Ladies! I love your feedback, and Gina, I LOVED your blog this morning :)

  4. Ruffles are the best! You did a really great job, these are adorable! You are one talented gal!


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